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Oratory and Democracy in China: four dialogues from the Annals of the Warring States

The Annals of the Warring States records the School of Diplomacy at work during one of the most captivating times in Chinese history.


In four dialogues – Zou Ji Advising the King of Qi to Invite Counsel’, Yan Chu Persuading the King of Qi’, Dowager Queen Wei of Zhao Questioning the Ambassador of Qi’, and Tang Ju Accomplishing His Mission’ – thinking beings challenge sovereign power in ways that surprise and resonate. Selected and translated by Mingyuan Hu, these dialogues make visible an astonishing relationship between politics and the intellect. They echo our notions of oratory and democracy in differing contexts.


This book is part of the Erstwhile Series.


Author: Diverse and anonymous

Translator: Mingyuan Hu
Publisher: Hermits United
Release Date: 15 September, 2022
Genre: Prose

Language: Chinese original, English translation
Pages: 64

Dimensions: 111 x 150 mm

Series: Erstwhile
ISBN: 978-1-7391156-0-9