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Toward Bravery
and Other Poems

A painter and writer, Mu Xin (1927–2011) received his artistic education in cosmopolitan Shanghai. During the Chinese Civil War, he fled to Taiwan; at the war’s conclusion, he returned to the mainland. Having survived persecution at home, for two decades he lived in New York, and resettled in his hometown, Wuzhen, at the end of his life.


In old age, a reclusive Mu Xin enjoyed literary renown in the Sinophone sphere. Of his oeuvre, he was most content with his poetry. Toward Bravery, selected and translated by Mingyuan Hu, is the first collection of Mu Xin’s poetry to appear in English. Published in 2017, it is reissued in 2022 in a bilingual format.


Author: Mu Xin
Translator: Mingyuan Hu
Publisher: Hermits United
Release Date: 7 July, 2022
Genre: Poetry
Language: Chinese original, English translation
Pages: 90
Dimensions: 132 x 195 mm
ISBN: 978-1-9998833-1-7