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Late Roses and Early Snow

Spring. Florence. Giacomo’s palazzo. Mark is invited to decipher some archival material from China. A young man’s confession written in 1957 recalls Mark’s father-in-law, a contemporary of the young man and who has remained an enigma. Wishing to comprehend the incomprehensible, Mark contemplates China’s recent history, seen from post-war Europe. From the viewpoint of global history emerges Europe’s present reality, thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. How does one live with grief unspoken and walls unfallen? Can one forgive the unforgivable?


Author: Mingyuan Hu
Publisher: Hermits United
Release Date: 1 August, 2022
Genre: Novella
Language: English
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 138 x 222 mm
ISBN: 978-1-9998833-2-4